2010 garden images & plants

March 20th ((Spring equinox) eqiluxes) days where sunrise and sunset are closest to being 12 hours apart. 
April  30/04/10
May 09/05/10
J 01/06/10 - we had a little rain, not much, not enough, 2 months with virtually nothing
Plants in flower 05/06/10
Allium Siculum in front of Eylmus arenarius (native dune grass)
   Pharlaris arundiacea
Buddleja Colvilei Kewensis - bought from Ventnor Botanic garedens. It has taken about 3/4 years to
flower, not nearly as vigorous as 'davidii' but so much nicer. Started prostrate with silvery leaves but now about 5/6 feet tall and upright with darker leaves. Sold as 'red' but also often desribed as 'pink'. It is neither and both - more a garnet red.
                                                                                                                                                             Gladiolus Italicus    
Erigeron Karvinskianus                            Digitalis
    Viburnum Plicatum Mariesii
This will scare a lot of people but as you can see in the above garden pictures, the plant making the biggest and fastest impact is Fallopia (Japanese Knotweed). Mine is x Bohemica 'Spectabilis'. This is variegated and although wanders about, it is non invasive and as easy to kill off as any choice plant.
The latter picture shows no green and in front of Persicaria Microcephala 'Red Dragon' -
                                                                                       (great plant for a shady spot)  
Libertia Grandiflora - tough & self seeds easily.                                   Libertia 'goldfinger'
 Plants flowering 13/06/10  
Salvia patens guanajuato                                      Climbing queen Elizabeth?  Gertrude Jekyll - David Austin
Always kept in a pot and overwinters                                                                              Blousy and sweet. 
fine in a unheated greenhouse.                                                                                         Semi Climbing. 
Dies back completely,
but regrows from tuberous roots.
June 21st Summer Solstice (longest day)
27/06/10 Prime daylily time. Usually most flowers are seen at the end of June and beginning of July
July  11/07/10                                                    Daylily seedling beds 
August - most of the daylilies have finished and the garden takes on a late summer feel - grasses come to the fore and the prairie style is very apparent
                          Tall and architectural 
Like fireworks -                                               ...and what did we do before
Pennisetum Macrourum explodes                 Verbena Bonariensis?                    Sanguisorba albiflora 'tall tales'
Hardy and invasive here                                       prolific self seeder 
Stipa Gigantea                                                      Carex? (will have to find label)        Restio (variety unknown)
                  Plants flowering in August
Gaura lindhiemeri                               Salvia Uliginosa              An unknown achillea                      Crocosmia
train young growth                              the most beautiful        that like Gladiolus Italicus              Unregistered 
before it turns woody                         sky blue.                           above was never planted                    seedlings.
and then let it wind                            Needs space                      but just self seeded
through other plants                           Hardy here.                      and made itself at home
Good long lasting late colour from
 Persicaria amplexicaulis.
Easy, loved by insects &
appreciates a little shade here.             Solidago                                                            Unknown Agapanthus
Campsis radicans                                                
Took forever to decide                                                                                                Tritonia Caulesens
it was happy and
eventually grow - now,                          Kniphofia                             A true pink bulb that you won't find in crocosmias
it's romping away                                 (variety unknown)                   Appears delicate but actually extremely robust 
A few roses flower periodically throughout the year
Rhapsody in Blue
(rose of the year 2003)
more a vilolet purple
  Twice in a Blue Moon, regrown to replace it's namesake, being more vigorous and disease resistant
 Neither are prolific flowerers here
Rudbeckia Laciniata                                  Cyperus Involucratus?                             Sarracenia
                                                                      Easy self seeder in pond or dry

                                                                                                                                        Pitcher plants - Hardy bog plants - requires nutrient free compost (spagnum & sand).

                                                                                                                                        Grossly and quickly becomes full of all kinds of insects.  Flowers early before new leaves develop

  September 05/09/10



      Kniphofia Caulescens - the nicest of the pokers?

September 23rd ((Autumn equinox) eqiluxes) days where sunrise and sunset are closest to being 12 hours apart.

A bit of snow - we never get snow before year end....
  and then it snowed some more...
A lot more

December 21st Winter Solstice - shortest day